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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 9

Busy day. But busy is good. It means less time to think about food or eating. Usual shake in the morning and water aerobics again. This one went by so fast cause I was chatting with the ladies more. Makes exercise time go by faster but sometimes I think I get a better workout when I'm not gabbing so much. That's okay, I got another workout later.

At home I made sure the kids had food for lunch, then picked up Stephanie to take her to work. We met Les there and Les and I headed off to buy lunch for the three of us from Jamaican Grill. I'm trying to find places that serve good salads and lean meats. I had the Montego Bay Chef salad again with Jerk Chicken. I was so hungry when I ate it, but I took my time and savored every bite.

It was the first of the month so that meant Invoice day for our dive shop. We sell compressed air for scuba tanks and bill the dive companies by the month for their air. So I have to tally up the invoices and send out the bills. I use an Excel spreadsheet so it is easy and fast. Basically fill in the template and let the spreadsheet create your numbers. I still have to enter it again in Quickbooks for accounting. Though I tend to put off doing my accounting work for both businesses, I actually find it the most enjoyable part. Tedious at times, but something about numbers all lining up appeals to me.

At 3pm I had to lock up to take my oldest daughter Stephanie to an ACB meet (Academic Challenge Bowl). I score keep at these meets to help out. Today the homeschool team only had 3 players so it was tough. Three games, three losses. But what I love about them is the kids don't care about the scores. What is more interesting is the questions and knowing answers. One particular question involved identify structures from pictures and Stephanie and one of her team mates knew the obscure reference due to a video game they play. The opposing team, a private all girl's Catholic school, did not get it. Further proof that playing video games can be educational.

We cut it close though, because Stephanie had to be at GATE theater for a play practice by 6 and we didn't get out of St. John's until 5:45. I got her to practice about 10 minutes late. And we both had to run in the rain to the car. (I power walked). Just as we got out of the meet a mini tropical storm hit, (or so it seemed). But there was also an awesome double rainbow. Anyway, the downpour soaked us both in the time it took to get to the car. Didn't help that we had to park two blocks away from the school.

Dropped my daughter at the theater where she is practicing for her role as Anybodys in West Side Story. Very exciting stuff. Then came home to discover my husband and other daughter, Cassie, drinking Shamrock Shakes from McDs! The traitors! I confess to having one sip of Cassie's. And have now vowed to discover a recipe to turn my vanilla IsaLean shake into a shamrock shake, minus the green dye. It's the flavor I want more than the color. So I'm waiting to find out if its okay to use peppermint extract for flavor.

I did have plans to go out again tonight but changed that to Saturday instead. The ultimate test is coming up soon though as I just ordered pizza for dinner for the gang.

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  1. Forgot to mention I had 6 fresh strawberries for my afternoon snack, courtesy of St. John's school.I know I was straying from the acceptable snack list but fresh strawberries are so rare to come by on Guam that it would be foolish to pass them by!