LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not sure what to think

Something interesting happened this week and I'm not sure how to react or respond. One of the things I love about Isagenix is the support I get through a private facebook group. I even find myself giving encouragement to other "cleansers" and that helps to encourage me as well.

Recently a man named "T" joined the group (in the interest of not raising waves I will not give his real name). He claims to be a naturopathic doctor or at least a very knowledgeable person in the area of holistic medicine. Well that excited me. I love to pick the brains of people who have spent years researching health issues and natural medicines. He had his own private facebook group that talked about natural medicines and healing and so several of us from the Isagenix group joined his group.

Lots of great information there and I was really happy to be part of a knowledgeable crowd of people. One thing that T posted on the Isagenix group, was that he had lost 7.7 lbs in his first 3 days of his 30 day cleanse. I commented "why is it always the men that lose weight so easily?" and was given a response that men have more lean muscle mass and that tends to help them lose the weight easier. My husband has proven that to me. He can go a day without eating and lose weight. I go a day without eating and my body thinks it's in starvation mode and anything I do eat the next day gets immediately stored as fat and I gain weight.

Well, a few days later T announces on his private board that he has quit Isagenix because it almost put him in a hypoglycemic coma - his blood sugars went way too low. So I posted "did you follow the program properly and eat all your snacks in a timely manner?" Valid question. He had already admitted to us on our group that he had forgotten to have his evening shake and it was after 8pm and he didn't feel hungry so wanted to skip it. So by his own words, he was admitting to not following the program properly. Well, on his private board he took insult to my question.

Now I don't know this man. I will never meet him in person. He is just a name on a facebook page. So why do I feel so intimidated by his comment? Why do I feel that I have done something wrong? I really need to get over this! I know one reason is because I get defensive. I want to defend all my fellow cleansers who are also there, saying how wonderful the program is and sorry his body reacted wrong to it. He claims to have over 2000 followers. Well, if 2000 people believe him that Isagenix is terrible for you and will put you into a hypoglycemic coma.....and it denies even one person a chance to make a change in their life that may be their only hope (as I feel it is with me), then I guess it puts me in a fighting mood!

I'm on my 3rd month now of cleansing. Just finishing up  back to back deep cleanse days. I have no headache. I don't feel dizzy. My tummy did rumble a while ago and so I ate an IsaDelight and drank more water. This morning I weighed in and had lost 2 more lbs. I hope to lose another 2 by tomorrow's weigh in. I will have reached my personal goal I set at the beginning of this week to be down 20lbs from when I started.  Yesterday I thanked Chanci for introducing me to this program. I firmly believe it is the answer to my prayers and will be the catalyst for returning me to the healthy body God intended for me to have.

And I won't let the naysayers like T rain on my parade.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Over that plateau

Finally broke that plateau and lost another pound or two. Officially down 16.4 lbs. I was trying to get past 15 lbs lost. Each step is such an accomplishment. When I see that number on the scale I want to do a little jig for joy.

I haven't been nearly as consistent with the "program" this week. Breakfast is easy. I love having a shake for breakfast. Prior to this, one of my favorite breakfasts was Carnation Instant Breakfast - chocolate flavored, of course. There were two days at least that I didn't get my lunch until well after 3pm. Not so good. I had various projects I was working on that kept me busy so not eating wasn't an issue. Until my stomach started to rumble and complain loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

I tried one more effort with the cleanse for life on Tuesday. I tried mixing one scoop in my  hot ionix drink. Made my hot apple cider taste more fruity, but it was palatable. Until I thought of mixing up another batch...then I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

However, good news is my next order just came in. It includes the Mars Venus cleanse drink - which is a daily cleanse drink. Promises to be lemon flavored but we shall see. I wonder how it would taste mixed in the morning shake? I also got the protein powder. I'm going to try to up my protein intake and see if that helps burn more fat. Supposedly that is what I'm told can happen. And I got the liquid cleanse for life to try. Just one bottle. If I make it through the bottle I'll order more.

Had an issue with my guts and am still unsure what is causing it. I did stop taking the Flush capsules as I didn't feel I needed any extra help. But then I was reading some of the ingredients in the flush and after 3 weeks of "issues" I thought I better try the flush again. Took one in the morning and at night for two days now and I think I'm better. So will continue that regime for this next week to see.

Next goal 20lbs total loss. Would love to report back next week with the good news......

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still Here!

No I have not fallen off the Isagenix wagon, nor quit the program. I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon though! Life just got busy. Tax season you know. I'm such a procrastinator that I've been spending the last month getting my books in order so that I can do a marathon tax day and get that yucky business taken care of. And phew, it is done!

So now I can get back to my LIFE! First of all, after finishing my first 30 day cleanse I was down a whopping 12 lbs. My first day after the cleanse I indulged in a few things. Like a cup of coffee! We get beans from Peet's coffee in our mail every two weeks. I had to cut our order in half since I wasn't drinking coffee any more. But they arrive within a week of roasting so are fresh and delicious when we grind them ourselves and make the coffee in a French press. Best way to make coffee. Anyway, I really, really enjoyed that cup!

I also had a taste of McD french fries and their new Chicken bites (almost like KFC's popcorn chicken). And you know what? It really didn't taste that great. I only ate about 10 fries and 5 little pieces of chicken. Probably equivalent of two McNuggets but better quality chicken. It is interesting that foods that I used to love just didn't quite do it.

Anyway, back on the program for the next 30 days. I think I'm on day 25 or so now. And so far only lost another 3 lbs. Okay 3.2 to be exact. So not as good as the first round. One of my biggest problems has been the cleanse drink. I developed a total intolerance for it. Taste/stomach wise. No matter how I tried I could not get this stuff down. On a deep cleanse day I was maybe able to get 3 out of the 4 cleanse drinks done. The one I did this week I only managed 2. I tried diluting it more. I tried making it stronger. I even went so far as to try to put the powder into little gel caps and swallow them so that I didn't taste them. That was a big mistake. It took 12 gel caps to make one dose and took my 1/2 hour to get them down. And by then I was ready to throw it all up again. (I didn't though). But then I felt queasy all day. Only thing that seemed to help was to nibble on an IsaDelight (I love my chocolate!). Based on my weight loss I am convinced that the deep cleanse days are the key to the faster weight loss. Slow and steady is okay, but faster is better in my books!

So my next order I am going to try the liquid cleanse instead of the powder. And Chanci suggested I try the Mars Venus Cleanse, which is a daily cleanse drink that sounds like it tastes like lemonade. As long as it doesn't have that berry taste I'll be okay. I think one of the greatest things about this program is the instant support I get. I can email or message Chanci and she responds usually within the hour. Pretty good considering she lives on the other side of the world. And there is enough info on the website that I can usually find the answer to my question myself.

And I really need to get some pictures up so I can see the change in me. It is hard when you live with yourself everyday to notice any difference. I do feel pants are a bit looser. My butt is getting smaller I think. And I need to up the exercise. I'm planning on getting some ankle and wrist weights or other resistance things to use when doing the water aerobics. And I still need to move the exercise bike into my room to use as well.

Finally I'm making this promise to myself to blog daily. It really helps to keep me focused. Tune in.