LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Saturday, June 2, 2012

25 lbs? Are you there?

Well, it's been another month. A slow month. I'd like to refer to it as a maintenance month. Makes me feel better.

I had so hoped to lose a steady 10 lbs per month  on this journey. The goal seems so far away as it is and the desire to reach it as fast as possible is strong. But there is also an underlying goal to make it stick this time. No more rebounds, you know?

So I try to remain positive and keep the focus. That ticker tape at the top has been inching along .2lbs at a time.  When entering today's weight I saw that I'm only .2 lbs shy of a personal goal I had going to hit 25lbs total weight loss. Almost there.

I know I can do it. There are certain things I resist doing that if only I could make myself do, then success will be easier. I have all the head knowledge to lose weight. I know about food intake and energy output and the correlation between the two. I understand about healthy foods and foods that are not healthy. About the dangers of junk food and eating for the sake of eating. I admit to being an emotional eater.

Now comes the time to start dealing with these things. One thing I have really resisted is the dreaded food journal. Too me, it always seems to put the focus on food. And makes me acutely aware of food and makes me want to cram it into my mouth. Or seek out things I know are bad for me. However, I need to get over these thoughts and just focus on living and eating naturally. So I did it. I wrote down my food journal for the day. Including where I was on the hunger scale (though I still have to really work on that one and figure out exactly what my hunger cues are). And any emotions behind what I ate.

So the first step is taken. I am reminded that it takes baby steps to move in this losing weight business. And to focus on the positives.