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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 16

Well, if I can make it through the next 2 hours before bed without snacking then I've had a great day. Except for my water consumption. Again, it was the stupid water bottle issue! I forgot mine at home and we had no bottled water at the office and all I could find was a small 10 oz bottle. I filled it once over at our dive shop and again later in the day. I probably drank about 50 oz total, far cry from the 100+ I'm supposed to drink!

Went shopping with the girls this morning and got Cassie two cute outfits and a pair of pants and two shirts for Stephanie. Plus shoes for both her and me. I bought myself some "rockers" - sneakers designed to keep you off balance so you are forced to walk with correct posture. I'm planning on doing some walking around Paseo this weekend with the kids. Les has done it twice so far and says it is quite pleasant.

Went to Subway for lunch and if I can believe the posted calorie count then my 6 inch turkey sub on whole wheat bread with only vinegar for the condiment should have been under 300 calories. I hope so. I didn't have a drink and opted to just drink my water.

Got some recipes for snacks from Chanci so tomorrow its off to the health food store to see if I can find spelt flour, organic maple syrup, and some other more wholesome ingredients for baking. I want to make my own bran muffins to give myself some more fiber.

I shared with one of my water aerobic buddies, a fellow Canadian from Alberta, about Isagenix and know that she will be watching how I do on this. And encouraging me. Maybe she'll want to join in too.

Tomorrow is my day off, but of course that doesn't really mean I have the day off. I need to pay some bills and drive Stephanie to various events, including a music competition for her glee club. That was what the Kmart trip was about today. Making sure she had an appropriate outfit to wear. I'm going to be out from 4pm until who knows when so have to stock up on almonds and celery and Isa Snacks I guess. I won't be getting my dinner shake until late again.

It is getting easier.


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