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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 12

Lazy Sunday. With the arrival of my monthly friend, I'm not inclined to do much today. Ideally I want to lay around and watch soap operas, eat chocolate and feel sorry for myself. So Isagenix hasn't really improved all things womanly.

I did get up early and drive my daughter to work. Got home in time to get a phone call from her telling us that someone broke into our compressor room at the dive shop. So I had to head back over there to do damage control. Turns out someone pried off one lock off the mini door that covers the outtake fan and then attempted to get into the locked door for the main room. But were unsuccessful. I took pictures of the damage and waited for John, our manager to show up. After a while I realized I didn't need to be there anymore so came home in time to fix coffee for my husband and send him off to do his weddings for the day.

Perturbed at people in general I did laze around and watch soap operas. But no chocolate. Just my morning chocolate breakfast shake. For lunch I made myself an egg sandwich on Orrowheat & flax bread. Ate an apple to go with it. Since I had wasted away most of the morning I thought I had better try to be semi-productive so I proceeded to tackle some of our moving boxes that were still in the middle of the kitchen/living room.

I sorted and emptied three boxes and one plastic tote bin. Then swept the living room floor. And then got the kids to bring down the vacuum and proceeded to vacuum the living room, kitchen, hallway and the stairs. I now have an actual living room/dinning room and kitchen you can walk around! There are still about 4 boxes at the base of the stairs and 20+ under the stairs that I still have to deal with. But one step at a time.

For dinner I made baked barbecue chicken, baked potatoes and broccoli. I put aside a piece of chicken for Monday's lunch. Then retired to my bedroom to drink my evening shake and relax.

I find it hard to get any formal exercise on days like this. I did move a lot and feel like all the housework I did counts as exercise but I also know that it would be better if I did an actual workout routine. This is something I need to work on.

Water consumption for the day was good. The urge to snack on things was not. I need to work on the snack issues more. Find something I can eat that is appealing and low calorie. And I need to figure out better lunch meals as well. Guess that's my project for the upcoming week.


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