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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 28: Cleanse Day #4

Okay, final cleanse day of the 30 day program. I've pretty much followed the days to the T as far as shake days and cleanse days. However, I've read that doing 2 cleanse days in a row will obtain better overall results and a deeper cleanse. As Chanci puts it , the 1st cleanse day goes 20% deep. The second cleanse day takes it the other 80% deeper. So I'm going to try it. Tomorrow I'm going to do a second cleanse day. Thankfully my autoship order arrived so I have the new Cleanse to use, as I used up the last of mine today.

I'm afraid I've finally found one issue that will need resolving. It's the cleanse drink. I liked it at first but on my 3rd cleanse day last week I found myself a little nauseated after drinking my last one of the day. I don't know if it's just a memory or what but every drink I had today I found myself having to hold back my gag reflex. My last one I shot back with my nose plugged, like I was taking nasty medicine. I'm hoping tomorrow will not be as bad. Maybe I should try mixing it with ice in a blender and making a slushy out of it. I might try that for my morning cleanse.

Best of all, in my new shipment I got the Milk Chocolate Isa Delights. I'm in heaven! Oh my. It was just so delightful to eat one. And I read that you should have one 20 minutes before an Isa Snack or 2 hours after on the cleanse day to get the most out of the benefits of the Delights. And my hubby brought my box into my office just in time for me to do that. I did find it easier to make it through today.

I mentioned to my hubby how if I were more diligent and perhaps exercised more I would have better results, but he is impressed enough to encourage me and told me he has seen big changes in my way of eating. We joked about when I cheated and ate two pieces of pizza. I said, "at least it was only 2 pieces. Before this I would have eaten 4 slices!" and Les replied with "and a bowl of ice cream too". And I had to laugh and admit he was right.

I have my evening Ionix tea waiting to drink. At least that is still very agreeable to me!


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