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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 21: Cleanse #3

Is it getting easier? I ask myself this. In some ways, yes. In some ways, no. I still struggle with the desire to eat foods on the cleanse days. And I'm not feeling that energy that others claim to feel. I wonder how much of it is psychological and how much of it is real? I miss coffee. I miss the taste, the warmth, the caffeine buzz. 

I had a slight headache all day and tried to counteract it by adding Want More Energy to my water bottle in the afternoon. I never finished that water bottle. I was sipping it all day (32 oz water bottle) and the bottom 1/3 of the bottle just started to taste gross. It was upsetting my stomach. So I switched to regular water. 

I did make it through the day without cheating. Only thing I ate was a few IsaSnacks and 4-5 almonds throughout the day. Drank lots of water. My head felt like it had pressure in it all day. Not enough to really mess me up but just enough to irritate me. 

My hubby was nice enough to inform me that he was fasting for the day to support me. How sweet! But then he did eat dinner later with the kids. 

I'm now officially 3 weeks through the 30 day program. It is definitely a life changing program . And a choice. Everyday I need to make sure to make the right choices to be successful.


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