LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, March 22, 2012

DAY 30!!

And the final weight is......<drumroll>.....12 lbs!!

Unfortunately I can't tell you how many inches I lost as I have misplaced the paper that had my initial measurements on and I haven't been able to locate it. But I do have the new numbers recorded and so will start my next 30 days with those numbers to see where I will be at the end of them!

Because I'm definitely continuing. This was worth it. It was tough. I know the things I need to improve on. It was like that first 30 days was a trial run for me to see if this was a program I could stick with. And Isagenix has won out. I can do this again. And again. Until I reach my goal.

I did start the Ageless Essentials that I got with my new autoship order, yesterday so that will put me a bit off at the end of the month, but as long as the shipping is as good as it has been, then it should be no problem. I cheaped out when I did my first order as I have vitamins from another company I never ever take. But by following the routine of Isagenix for the last 30 days I think I have finally developed the habit of taking my "pills" at the right time. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Hopefully that is true.

Anyway, the vitamins really do seem to give me more energy. At least I think so. It is probably too early to really tell.

Well, it's time for my evening shake. Today was a good day. We had our monthly birthday potluck at water aerobics today and I brought a spinach salad with almonds, cranberries, onions, and shredded carrots. I made up my own dressing with olive oil, red wine vinegar, strawberry/applesauce, garlic and pepper. Oh and a bit of coconut sugar in it too. The jar I used has recipes for various homemade dressings (Pampered Chef item) and though I made up my own, I was looking at the proportions for the oil and vinegar and saw that most of them had over 1/2 cup of oil! I used maybe two Tablespoons in a total 1/2 cup of dressing. Oh and the strawberry/applesauce was organic. Though just cause it says organic on the bottle, how much should we believe that?

I ate mostly salads, one piece of chicken, some fruits, and a bit of pasta and rice (couscous really I think), and a slice of Herta's bread. My one indulgence.

Brought home deserts for the family and only had a small piece of Casava (tapioca and coconut cake) later for my afternoon snack.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 29: 2nd Deep Cleanse day

The secret to cleansing days is to keep yourself busy and thus distracted from eating. I spent today working on inventory bills and invoices for our dive shop. An accounting nightmare I had been putting off for several months. But it's getting close to tax time so I need to get these things done or I'll really be screaming on April 15th.

To be honest the next three weeks will be my most stressful time as I do the taxes for our two companies. I'm hoping the Isagenix will keep me focused and calm and I will have the energy and brain power to handle what needs to be done.

As far as today though, I did okay. I had two Milk Chocolate Isa Delights for snacks. Had a good work out at water aerobics. Drank my cleanse drinks, though I was late drinking my third one (almost 7pm) and I was tired and ready for bed by 9pm so didn't want to drink the last one and just went to bed. Since it was Day 2 of a 2 day deep cleanse I don't think missing one dose will make or break the deal.

Drum roll please for tomorrow's weigh in...........(tune in tomorrow).

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 28: Cleanse Day #4

Okay, final cleanse day of the 30 day program. I've pretty much followed the days to the T as far as shake days and cleanse days. However, I've read that doing 2 cleanse days in a row will obtain better overall results and a deeper cleanse. As Chanci puts it , the 1st cleanse day goes 20% deep. The second cleanse day takes it the other 80% deeper. So I'm going to try it. Tomorrow I'm going to do a second cleanse day. Thankfully my autoship order arrived so I have the new Cleanse to use, as I used up the last of mine today.

I'm afraid I've finally found one issue that will need resolving. It's the cleanse drink. I liked it at first but on my 3rd cleanse day last week I found myself a little nauseated after drinking my last one of the day. I don't know if it's just a memory or what but every drink I had today I found myself having to hold back my gag reflex. My last one I shot back with my nose plugged, like I was taking nasty medicine. I'm hoping tomorrow will not be as bad. Maybe I should try mixing it with ice in a blender and making a slushy out of it. I might try that for my morning cleanse.

Best of all, in my new shipment I got the Milk Chocolate Isa Delights. I'm in heaven! Oh my. It was just so delightful to eat one. And I read that you should have one 20 minutes before an Isa Snack or 2 hours after on the cleanse day to get the most out of the benefits of the Delights. And my hubby brought my box into my office just in time for me to do that. I did find it easier to make it through today.

I mentioned to my hubby how if I were more diligent and perhaps exercised more I would have better results, but he is impressed enough to encourage me and told me he has seen big changes in my way of eating. We joked about when I cheated and ate two pieces of pizza. I said, "at least it was only 2 pieces. Before this I would have eaten 4 slices!" and Les replied with "and a bowl of ice cream too". And I had to laugh and admit he was right.

I have my evening Ionix tea waiting to drink. At least that is still very agreeable to me!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 23 thru 27

Confession time. I haven't been blogging daily! I have been starting to get behind for the past week and even the last few posts I posted two days in a row, changing the dates so they would match the actual days. Secret is out.

But when you procrastinate too much it is harder to recreate your daily existence. So instead this is how it has been going the past few days.

I've found myself a little more moody and draggy. Not as energetic as others claim to be on this program. Now admittedly I didn't purchase the vitamin supplements - Ageless Essentials - to start this cleanse. They are on my next order (which hopefully will arrive this week!). I have been taking a homeopathic thyroid supplement that has tons of B vitamins in it. I had hoped that would help give me energy.

Food wise, I think I've done pretty good. Except for the cookies. Okay. On Friday I made cookies for the kids. I used whole wheat flour, organic grain sweetened chocolate chips, cut the sugar down, and added oatmeal and bran. And I didn't eat nearly as many as I would  have in my pre-cleanse days. (meaning before starting this cleanse program). But I probably ate more than I should have anyway. Don't ask me how many. Over the past three days I know I ate at least three per day. And not all at once. All days I ate one cookie as part of my lunch meal. And on other days I know I ate one cookie as my snack.

Mostly I really try to make my entire days calorie consumption (excluding shakes and IsaSnacks) within that 400-600 range. I'm not being super fanatical, writing it all down and adding up the calories, but am estimating - reading labels, etc. I know that I run the risk of exceeding the calorie count by doing this. But I also know myself. I've already seen a little of it come out in this week's procrastination on blogging. I have a tendency to *quit* when too much pressure is put on me to be perfect. Writing down every bit of food that enters my mouth; calorie count; portion size; these are all going to drive me absolutely nuts and make me throw up my hands in despair. I will not ALLOW that to happen.

So I do things my way. Follow the system as much as I can. Exercise when I can (still working on that when there is no water aerobics). And be AWARE. I think that is the key. To be conscious and aware of foods and what is good for me. To research new healthy recipes and try to change what I buy from the grocery store. More home-made and less processed foods. Growing our own food (wish that part didn't take quite so long). Looking for healthier snack options for the kids. Drinking more water.

I've decided to make it a commitment to stick to the Isagenix program as long as I can. If I only lose 10 lbs a month on this program it will be worth it. I've proven over and over again that nothing else works for me. I will be 50 years old in less than 2 years. I want to enter the second half of my life as healthy as I can be.

So 30 days at a time. Over and over again until I reach the me I was meant to be.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 22

Officially down 10lbs now!~ Still not as fast as I'd like but honestly? 10 lbs in three weeks is awesome. Les asked me if I could do this for 10 months in a row. I replied,"If I could lose 10lbs every month for 10 months then it is worth the sacrifice."

It is a sacrifice in many ways. So many of the things I did prior to this program, that I thought were okay to do, I realize were making me stuck in my weight. Iced mochas two to three times a week, fast food at least twice a week, pizza every two weeks, ice cream - sometimes daily if we bought a bucket. Treating myself to mocha milkshakes when stressed or depressed. Grabbing a chocolate bar to eat because, after all I hadn't had anything to eat all day. Skipping meals and thinking that by not eating I was doing my body good. All of that is destructive behavior that was not helping my cause.

I can't quite go in the direction that I see some go - total vegetarian for example. I love my meat too much. And so many of the "diet" foods are just unpalatable to me. I was browsing a website today that promised recipes that will help you detox and lose weight. Every recipe was full of ingredients I would never eat. And some things I have never even heard of!

To be successful in maintaining weight loss once I am down to the weight I would like, I know I will have to continue to make changes. But at least Isagenix is giving me some tools to help me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 21: Cleanse #3

Is it getting easier? I ask myself this. In some ways, yes. In some ways, no. I still struggle with the desire to eat foods on the cleanse days. And I'm not feeling that energy that others claim to feel. I wonder how much of it is psychological and how much of it is real? I miss coffee. I miss the taste, the warmth, the caffeine buzz. 

I had a slight headache all day and tried to counteract it by adding Want More Energy to my water bottle in the afternoon. I never finished that water bottle. I was sipping it all day (32 oz water bottle) and the bottom 1/3 of the bottle just started to taste gross. It was upsetting my stomach. So I switched to regular water. 

I did make it through the day without cheating. Only thing I ate was a few IsaSnacks and 4-5 almonds throughout the day. Drank lots of water. My head felt like it had pressure in it all day. Not enough to really mess me up but just enough to irritate me. 

My hubby was nice enough to inform me that he was fasting for the day to support me. How sweet! But then he did eat dinner later with the kids. 

I'm now officially 3 weeks through the 30 day program. It is definitely a life changing program . And a choice. Everyday I need to make sure to make the right choices to be successful.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 20

Another day done. Seemed like a long day too.

I'm not sure how good it is for me to have my evening shakes so late on my class days. I wonder if that messes up the program? It was after 9pm when I was able to get my shake. I need to do better than that.

Tomorrow is my cleanse day and I hope and pray that it will do the job it is supposed to do and I will see some better progress than last week. I think I did pretty good this week. Really trying to be careful about what I eat.

Today for lunch I had a greek yogurt. Not my favorite. A little too thick and heavy for my liking. But edible. Had a slice of homemade whole wheat bread with added bran. And some organic corn chips, chili and lime flavored. I had planned on having a spinach salad as well, but then I was too full and forgot about it.

I'm still working on planning better meals with complete proteins, fruits and vegetables. It's all work in progress.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 19

Sunday again. What is it about Sundays? I always seem to have some kind of emergency to deal with. Today it was puppy proofing the carport so that our new puppy couldn't escape. Most of the back yard has a large cement wall around it, effectively making a great fence. However the front of the carport has a metal barred security gate and the puppy can slip through the bars!

I found a black wire cage that opens up into a long fence that just fit across the carport area. Except on either end was a gap just big enough for little rascal to slip through. So I found some chicken wire and strapped that to the openings. He still made it through! Finally I found a board to prop between the gate and the wire cage/chicken wire set up that sealed the escape route.

After all that I decided to treat myself to a cup of coffee. And you know what? It didn't taste as great as it usually does. Hmmm......

Rest of the day I stayed on track with my food. Spent the afternoon baking bread, got a roast in the crockpot for dinner and made another flip book scrapbook out of the other 1/2 of my kit. Then around 4:30 I finally headed out do some grocery shopping. I decided to head to the mall Payless as they have an extensive organic food section. Of course, I ended up spending more than I wanted to as organic food is so much costlier. Shouldn't be, but it is.

I stocked up on lots of good salad ingredients. Except cucumbers. There seems to be a shortage of cucumbers again! I really need to get Les to grow us our own. So far we have green beans, green onions, tomatoes and eggplant growing in our little garden. And Les came home with a papaya tree. Maybe in about 6 months we can have fresh papaya!

Found pure peppermint oil to add to my vanilla shakes so that I can indulge in a Shamrock shake. Just in time for St. Patrick's day next week. Had that for my evening shake but I put a bit too much peppermint in it! Next time I need to just put a drop or two.

Not as much water consumed again today as I should. I misplaced my water bottle half way through the day. I had left it in my son's room when I went in and started cleaning up all his dishes he is NOT supposed to have in there!

Used my new walking shoes when out shopping and my feet were so sore when I came home. Once I sat down I did not want to hobble anywhere else.

One more week almost done.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 18

Today was a messed up day. I barely followed the plan as it is written. But aside from that I did have some small victories.

I started out okay, making sure to drink my ionix and my morning chocolate shake, took my vitamins and my accelerator pill. Packed up some IsaSnacks and some stray almonds I found in the bottom of the fridge tray, and my afternoon accelerator pill. Filled my water bottle and headed to work.

Saturday mornings I teach a 3 hour driving school class. I also have to coordinate the driving lessons, deal with phone calls, walk in customers (replacement certificates mostly) and various other sundry things. So the morning goes by swiftly and next thing I know it is 12 o'clock.

I had a potato in the fridge, so popped that in the microwave to eat for lunch. I also had packed up a slice of my rhubarb/strawberry oatmeal square. So I had a baked potato with 1 T of butter and the oatmeal square for my lunch. Hardly a full 400-600 calorie meal.

At 1pm I headed off to a friend's house for a day of scrapbooking. We made a cute little flip book scrapbook out of 1/2 a Stampin UP scrapbook kit. Very cute. I forgot to bring in my bottle of water (but did take my accelerator pill and munched on an IsaSnack on my way to her house). Next thing I knew it was 6pm! Time goes by fast when you are scrappin' and having good conversations!

I then had to stop by another friend's house to pick up a new puppy for Eric and Cassie. Cute bundle of fur who had his first car ride with me. Sat on my lap and hugged me most of the ride home, until I finally convinced him to sit on the seat next to me.

At home I whipped up a batch of homemade macaroni and cheese. And proceeded to have a bowl myself. Skipped my evening shake as by this time it was 8pm and I was done for the day.

So that is why I call it a messed up day. I did keep my calorie intake down to 600 I'm sure but missed that evening shake as I really just didn't need it.

I try not to worry about being a stickler for the rules. For the most part I'm following this pretty much 98%. That 2% deviation isn't going to make or break this program. It really is all about changing my thinking and my mindset and making healthier choices.

I have not drank a soda for over two weeks, diet or not. I have not eaten a chocolate bar, nor had ice cream. I have not eaten a bag of chips (though I have had a few handfuls here and there of chip like items - cheetos one day, tortilla chips another). No cakes or cookies. Only my healthy oatmeal bars. So I think I'm doing pretty good.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 17

Well, it's 9 pm and I'm sitting here by myself drinking my dinner shake. But it's better than the alternative that I almost succumbed to. My family decided to go out for dinner. We were out at a Music Festival for my oldest daughter and by the time it was over it was 8:30 and everyone was hungry. I opted to stay home and drink my shake rather than go off my cleanse program. Sacrifice I know. But I made a commitment and I want to see it through.

So today was fun. Rather lazy day. I love taking Fridays off. Did my water aerobics and then home where I did some light housekeeping - dishes, laundry, bit of floor sweeping. I wanted to do some baking so spent some time researching healthy snack foods. It was almost 4pm before I finally settled on making rhubarb/strawberry oatmeal bars. I used whole wheat flour and  coconut sugar in place of the white sugar. I had been saving the rhubarb for a pie but don't really like whole wheat flour crust so opted for this healthy alternative. I am having a small piece with my evening shake. I only had one 1/4 apple for snacks today so figure I'm okay as far as calorie intake.

My kids are one of the reason I am doing this. So thought I would share a funny story from today.

My oldest son had set up the internet in his room by stringing a wire from the router across a bookshelf, across the roof and up the stairwell into his room. He used a can of baby corn to hold the wire in place on top of the book shelf. Cassie was looking at the can of  baby corn and asked why it was there, so I explained.
She then said, "Why baby corn?"
Eric replied, "Child labor."

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 16

Well, if I can make it through the next 2 hours before bed without snacking then I've had a great day. Except for my water consumption. Again, it was the stupid water bottle issue! I forgot mine at home and we had no bottled water at the office and all I could find was a small 10 oz bottle. I filled it once over at our dive shop and again later in the day. I probably drank about 50 oz total, far cry from the 100+ I'm supposed to drink!

Went shopping with the girls this morning and got Cassie two cute outfits and a pair of pants and two shirts for Stephanie. Plus shoes for both her and me. I bought myself some "rockers" - sneakers designed to keep you off balance so you are forced to walk with correct posture. I'm planning on doing some walking around Paseo this weekend with the kids. Les has done it twice so far and says it is quite pleasant.

Went to Subway for lunch and if I can believe the posted calorie count then my 6 inch turkey sub on whole wheat bread with only vinegar for the condiment should have been under 300 calories. I hope so. I didn't have a drink and opted to just drink my water.

Got some recipes for snacks from Chanci so tomorrow its off to the health food store to see if I can find spelt flour, organic maple syrup, and some other more wholesome ingredients for baking. I want to make my own bran muffins to give myself some more fiber.

I shared with one of my water aerobic buddies, a fellow Canadian from Alberta, about Isagenix and know that she will be watching how I do on this. And encouraging me. Maybe she'll want to join in too.

Tomorrow is my day off, but of course that doesn't really mean I have the day off. I need to pay some bills and drive Stephanie to various events, including a music competition for her glee club. That was what the Kmart trip was about today. Making sure she had an appropriate outfit to wear. I'm going to be out from 4pm until who knows when so have to stock up on almonds and celery and Isa Snacks I guess. I won't be getting my dinner shake until late again.

It is getting easier.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 15

Though today is not an official measuring day for the program, I did step on the scales. I was down another 1.8 lbs! Not as significant as the first week of the program but the good news is I didn't gain back the weight and I lost a little bit more. Slow and steady as the turtle says. And I knew I hadn't stuck to the program as well this second week. Blame hormones and womanly issues.

Today I tried something a little different when it came to lunch. When I came back from my water aerobics and checking the mail it was 10:30. time for my morning snack. I just couldn't face another IsaSnack this morning and I was out of almonds, celery and cucumber. So I decided to have an early lunch. Or actually what I did was split my lunch up. I ate a sandwich with Orrowheat bread, lettuce, pepper jack cheese and turkey. Later at 12:30 when it was my normal lunch time I had a baked potato (with butter, but not a lot). Oh and I did eat a small local banana. The instructions for the program say to eat fruits that are low glycemic and that it is best to eat locally grown fruits. There is also a warning that tropical fruits tend to be high in sugars. But what if your locally grown fruit is all tropical?? Obviously this program was not written with those of us on Guam in mind! The little banana I ate is half the size of the Chiquita bananas you get in grocery stores. And three times as delicious!

For dinner I made chili for the family with lots of good beans. Served it with shredded cheese and tortilla chips. Eric doesn't like Chili so I made him a plate of nachos with the cheese and chips. Cassie enjoyed dipping the chips in her chili. I made myself a tiny plate of chips (10?) with 1/4 cup of chili and sprinkle of cheese to eat. No other snacks were eaten today and I am sure my lunch was well under the 600 calories so I feel I kept my calorie intake within the acceptable range even if I "cheated" a little.

Still not drinking coffee but once I make it through this 30 days I'm having myself a big cup!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 14: Cleanse day #2

Today was a good day. I thought it was going to be hard as this week seems to have been more of a struggle than the first one. Too many temptations. Anyway, today I just vowed I was going to stick to the plan. Part of the plan was to keep busy. When I keep my mind and hands occupied it is easier not to think about food.

So, first I was surprised to discover my monthly "flow" had subsided enough that I could go to water aerobics and get some exercise. It's weird how it does that on the 3rd or 4th day. Seems to have stopped and then after I exercised I needed to use a pad again. So next two days are my light days. Pretty normal for me, though I did feel like yesterday I bled heavier than normal. Can't tell if it's the cleanse diet or my age. Though I have vowed not to go through the "M" word, or at least make it through symptom free. And I don't expect to get there for at least another 5 years. Hmmmm.....maybe Isagenix is the answer to my prayer on that subject. Will have to keep that thought in mind as I progress on this journey.

I spent most of today finally, FINALLY, cleaning out my "IN-box" that was stuffed full of receipts that needed to be entered and filed away. I can safely say it is completely empty and filed. And now my next job is cleaning up the files themselves! Time to pull out all the 2011 receipts for tax time. And make room for the 2012 ones. Bookkeeping is so time consuming. And today was only for the driving school! I still have to do the same for our dive shop.

By focusing on a task it kept me going much better. I also mixed up the Energy Drink included in my kit in one of my 32oz water bottles and drank that over the afternoon. I think it helped give me the focus and energy to make it through the day without feeling sick, or craving food.

It is now bedtime and I just enjoyed my 2nd Isa Delight for the day. My husband is asking me if I'm treating myself or what? I said, "It's allowed. Has these mood stabilizers or something in it. "
" 'bout time science came up with something worthwhile" was his response!
And I agree.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 13

Another class day which means another long day. Up early to take daughter to work, and then home to make coffee for hubby and have my morning shake meal. Still enjoying drinking chocolate shakes everyday. I'm so glad they taste so great!

I wanted to prepare myself for a long day at work so gathered together salad ingredients, my chicken from the night before, my IsaSnacks and afternoon accelerator pill and packed it all up to take to work. I made Cassie a cracker/cheese/ham/pickle plate for her "breakfast" and had a few crackers and cheese for my morning snack, even though those items are NOT on the acceptable snack list. I only ate 3 crackers and cheese though. Considering in the past I would have easily eaten 10, I'm doing good.

I wasn't into being at work today. Mostly I wanted to nap. Again, I didn't get my morning exercise in so I'm sure that was part of it. I did find some herbal tea (caffeine free, organic) in my tea bag stash so sipped on that in the afternoon to keep my mind off the desire to run next door to the coffee shop and order myself a White Chocolate Mocha Frappe. Sigh. I miss my mocha frappes.

I indulged in an IsaDelight to try to help improve my mood. I feel fat and hopeless today like all that I do won't make a difference. In the doldrums I guess.

I did have a good class, so bills can be paid this week. Was home shortly after 9pm and thankfully family was all done eating dinner so I didn't have to watch them eat.

Tomorrow is another cleanse day, or "fast" day as I like to call them. Only liquids all day, no shakes. I need to keep myself distracted and busy. I did it last week. I know I can do it again.

Oh, had brown rice (1/2 cup), chicken and salad for lunch. I made way too much salad, so Cassie shared it with me. She didn't even complain that I only used Apple cider vinegar as the dressing.

Was a little short on my water consumption. But not by much.

I think I'm sleeping a little better than pre-Isagenix days. Hard to tell, but I don't think I wake up at night as much as I used to. I'm a very light sleeper so on average wake up 5-6 times a night. I only remember waking up maybe 3 times a night lately. So that's a good thing.

Almost two weeks have gone by now. Somehow I don't feel like I have lost as much weight this past week as I did in the first week. We shall see in two more days. I know according to the "plan" my next measuring day isn't until the very last day. But I plan on stepping on those scales Wednesday morning for an update and to help keep myself on track.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 12

Lazy Sunday. With the arrival of my monthly friend, I'm not inclined to do much today. Ideally I want to lay around and watch soap operas, eat chocolate and feel sorry for myself. So Isagenix hasn't really improved all things womanly.

I did get up early and drive my daughter to work. Got home in time to get a phone call from her telling us that someone broke into our compressor room at the dive shop. So I had to head back over there to do damage control. Turns out someone pried off one lock off the mini door that covers the outtake fan and then attempted to get into the locked door for the main room. But were unsuccessful. I took pictures of the damage and waited for John, our manager to show up. After a while I realized I didn't need to be there anymore so came home in time to fix coffee for my husband and send him off to do his weddings for the day.

Perturbed at people in general I did laze around and watch soap operas. But no chocolate. Just my morning chocolate breakfast shake. For lunch I made myself an egg sandwich on Orrowheat & flax bread. Ate an apple to go with it. Since I had wasted away most of the morning I thought I had better try to be semi-productive so I proceeded to tackle some of our moving boxes that were still in the middle of the kitchen/living room.

I sorted and emptied three boxes and one plastic tote bin. Then swept the living room floor. And then got the kids to bring down the vacuum and proceeded to vacuum the living room, kitchen, hallway and the stairs. I now have an actual living room/dinning room and kitchen you can walk around! There are still about 4 boxes at the base of the stairs and 20+ under the stairs that I still have to deal with. But one step at a time.

For dinner I made baked barbecue chicken, baked potatoes and broccoli. I put aside a piece of chicken for Monday's lunch. Then retired to my bedroom to drink my evening shake and relax.

I find it hard to get any formal exercise on days like this. I did move a lot and feel like all the housework I did counts as exercise but I also know that it would be better if I did an actual workout routine. This is something I need to work on.

Water consumption for the day was good. The urge to snack on things was not. I need to work on the snack issues more. Find something I can eat that is appealing and low calorie. And I need to figure out better lunch meals as well. Guess that's my project for the upcoming week.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 11

Wish I could say today was a great day. But it had its challenges. First of all, when I got to work in the morning, I had to go pee (surprise, surprise) and discovered my monthly friend had arrived. I was totally unprepared for that so had to call for emergency supplies. So why was I so unprepared? Usually, the night/day before I am very achy. My body aches all over. My legs especially and when I have that deep leg pain I know that my time of the month is due any moment. I didn't have that! Another benefit of the cleanse program??

Again, I wasn't ready for lunch. There were no leftovers from my healthy dinner I had made the night before so wasn't able to pack myself a lunch. By the time I got home from work it was almost 2pm again and I was so hungry I ate food I shouldn't eat. I did have 1/2 a piece of cold chicken breast from the night before and a slice of the whole wheat/flax bread and some carrot sticks. But then I had a few onion rings. That wasn't so healthy. I was really craving salty things. I did manage to drink almost three full 32 oz bottles of water though! So I am getting better with drinking more water.

Went out at night to the University to see another play. First hour was "Noh Way"a play written by one of my water aerobics buddies. Second hour was the local version of the "Vagina Monologues". Very moving pieces and what was more disturbing was that these were real stories of abuse to women on our island. Now I understand more why there is such a high rate of suicide, especially among the young teenage Micronesian girls. Being raped repeatedly by your mother's boyfriend with no one willing to listen or to stand up for you. How incredibly sad. I cried.

While waiting for the play to start I overheard a conversation between 4 women.
"So let me get replace two meals a day with shakes?"
"Yes, and you get to eat one meal a day"'
"What meal? and What do you eat?"
"Lunch - healthy 400-600 calories"
"What is in the shakes?"
And they walked off. I was tempted to go after them and say "Hey, you are talking about Isagneix, right? I've been on it for 10 days and lost almost 7 lbs!" but all I did was smile to myself.

Came home to find the family had gone snack shopping. There was a bag of cheetos on the table. I helped myself to a small handful. It was that salt craving again. I really have very bad willpower......And then I went to bed and forgot to take my IsaFlush. Sigh.

Keep moving forward they say. Tomorrow will be better.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 10

Total honesty, right? That's what I agreed to share here. Maybe not out loud but in my head. So I confess. I did eat a piece of pepperoni pizza last night. And boy did it taste good. I made sure to thoroughly enjoy and savour every bite.

But then right back on track today. Or at least I tried. My problem is with following a set schedule. I'm pretty good about the mornings. I'm usually up by 7am anyway, so I get up, drink a cup of water, turn on the hot water dispenser to brew my water for my Ionix tea, then prepare my hubby's coffee. As that perks I then make my morning shake. I've pretty much stuck to drinking one scoop vanilla, one scoop chocolate. Then I bring my tea and shake upstairs to drink with my hubby as he has his coffee. He asks if I will ever drink coffee again. I say yes, but not until I make it through these first 30 days. I sip my tea, which is really hot Ionix drink and tastes  like hot apple cider.

Exercise was great, deep end water aerobics this time. Small class but I got to chat with a friend I haven't seen in a while. Lots of laughter. Then home where I changed, grabbed more water and a Isa Snack then off to a homeschool ACB practice where I was meeting with another mom to discuss our upcoming used book sale. Got those details worked out and then, when we were done I headed out to do some shopping. Our cupboards were bare and the cats were hungry. $282 later.....Yikes. Everything is so expensive. Gas is going to be over $5/gallon by Monday.

By the time I got home with the groceries it was 1:30 and I was ravenous. I really didn't have a plan for lunch and this was not good. I ended up eating ANOTHER piece of pizza. I did choose the smallest one, okay? And then I ate two brown rice cakes with peanut butter and banana slices on top. I ate the rest of the banana too. Drank water. Took my Accelerator pill (cause by now it's 2pm). and then I have about a half hour of rest before I'm back out on the road again. This time taking my oldest daughter, Stephanie to her glee club practice. I forgot to refill my water bottle so I ran out of water on the way. Dropped her off then headed to visit my friend who had a Stampin' Up display at one of the hotels. Visited with her and helped her pack up her display. Then headed back to get Stephanie. I had a few IsaSnacks in my purse so munched on one of them somewhere during the afternoon.

Home by 6pm. Munched on some almonds (3) as I made my dinner shake. And then rested for about another hour before I made dinner for the family - brown rice, stir fry veggies and beef.  I hope I made enough for leftovers for me for lunch tomorrow. I know one of my problems tomorrow will be getting lunch before 2pm again. So I need to work on having a lunch plan the night before, something we really have gotten out of the habit of doing. And by having a plan of what I am going to eat it helps stop me from going for the convenient food. Which may not be so good for me.

And I didn't drink nearly enough water today. I left my big water bottle at my office and I didn't want to stop and get it. So I was using a smaller water bottle which I drank faster, and then didn't have a way to refill it when I needed to. Trying to catch up tonight but don't want to be awake all night peeing either!

Tomorrow is another day. And I'm officially 1/3 through the plan. I think the next 2/3 will be even better.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 9

Busy day. But busy is good. It means less time to think about food or eating. Usual shake in the morning and water aerobics again. This one went by so fast cause I was chatting with the ladies more. Makes exercise time go by faster but sometimes I think I get a better workout when I'm not gabbing so much. That's okay, I got another workout later.

At home I made sure the kids had food for lunch, then picked up Stephanie to take her to work. We met Les there and Les and I headed off to buy lunch for the three of us from Jamaican Grill. I'm trying to find places that serve good salads and lean meats. I had the Montego Bay Chef salad again with Jerk Chicken. I was so hungry when I ate it, but I took my time and savored every bite.

It was the first of the month so that meant Invoice day for our dive shop. We sell compressed air for scuba tanks and bill the dive companies by the month for their air. So I have to tally up the invoices and send out the bills. I use an Excel spreadsheet so it is easy and fast. Basically fill in the template and let the spreadsheet create your numbers. I still have to enter it again in Quickbooks for accounting. Though I tend to put off doing my accounting work for both businesses, I actually find it the most enjoyable part. Tedious at times, but something about numbers all lining up appeals to me.

At 3pm I had to lock up to take my oldest daughter Stephanie to an ACB meet (Academic Challenge Bowl). I score keep at these meets to help out. Today the homeschool team only had 3 players so it was tough. Three games, three losses. But what I love about them is the kids don't care about the scores. What is more interesting is the questions and knowing answers. One particular question involved identify structures from pictures and Stephanie and one of her team mates knew the obscure reference due to a video game they play. The opposing team, a private all girl's Catholic school, did not get it. Further proof that playing video games can be educational.

We cut it close though, because Stephanie had to be at GATE theater for a play practice by 6 and we didn't get out of St. John's until 5:45. I got her to practice about 10 minutes late. And we both had to run in the rain to the car. (I power walked). Just as we got out of the meet a mini tropical storm hit, (or so it seemed). But there was also an awesome double rainbow. Anyway, the downpour soaked us both in the time it took to get to the car. Didn't help that we had to park two blocks away from the school.

Dropped my daughter at the theater where she is practicing for her role as Anybodys in West Side Story. Very exciting stuff. Then came home to discover my husband and other daughter, Cassie, drinking Shamrock Shakes from McDs! The traitors! I confess to having one sip of Cassie's. And have now vowed to discover a recipe to turn my vanilla IsaLean shake into a shamrock shake, minus the green dye. It's the flavor I want more than the color. So I'm waiting to find out if its okay to use peppermint extract for flavor.

I did have plans to go out again tonight but changed that to Saturday instead. The ultimate test is coming up soon though as I just ordered pizza for dinner for the gang.