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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 17

Well, it's 9 pm and I'm sitting here by myself drinking my dinner shake. But it's better than the alternative that I almost succumbed to. My family decided to go out for dinner. We were out at a Music Festival for my oldest daughter and by the time it was over it was 8:30 and everyone was hungry. I opted to stay home and drink my shake rather than go off my cleanse program. Sacrifice I know. But I made a commitment and I want to see it through.

So today was fun. Rather lazy day. I love taking Fridays off. Did my water aerobics and then home where I did some light housekeeping - dishes, laundry, bit of floor sweeping. I wanted to do some baking so spent some time researching healthy snack foods. It was almost 4pm before I finally settled on making rhubarb/strawberry oatmeal bars. I used whole wheat flour and  coconut sugar in place of the white sugar. I had been saving the rhubarb for a pie but don't really like whole wheat flour crust so opted for this healthy alternative. I am having a small piece with my evening shake. I only had one 1/4 apple for snacks today so figure I'm okay as far as calorie intake.

My kids are one of the reason I am doing this. So thought I would share a funny story from today.

My oldest son had set up the internet in his room by stringing a wire from the router across a bookshelf, across the roof and up the stairwell into his room. He used a can of baby corn to hold the wire in place on top of the book shelf. Cassie was looking at the can of  baby corn and asked why it was there, so I explained.
She then said, "Why baby corn?"
Eric replied, "Child labor."


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