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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 10

Total honesty, right? That's what I agreed to share here. Maybe not out loud but in my head. So I confess. I did eat a piece of pepperoni pizza last night. And boy did it taste good. I made sure to thoroughly enjoy and savour every bite.

But then right back on track today. Or at least I tried. My problem is with following a set schedule. I'm pretty good about the mornings. I'm usually up by 7am anyway, so I get up, drink a cup of water, turn on the hot water dispenser to brew my water for my Ionix tea, then prepare my hubby's coffee. As that perks I then make my morning shake. I've pretty much stuck to drinking one scoop vanilla, one scoop chocolate. Then I bring my tea and shake upstairs to drink with my hubby as he has his coffee. He asks if I will ever drink coffee again. I say yes, but not until I make it through these first 30 days. I sip my tea, which is really hot Ionix drink and tastes  like hot apple cider.

Exercise was great, deep end water aerobics this time. Small class but I got to chat with a friend I haven't seen in a while. Lots of laughter. Then home where I changed, grabbed more water and a Isa Snack then off to a homeschool ACB practice where I was meeting with another mom to discuss our upcoming used book sale. Got those details worked out and then, when we were done I headed out to do some shopping. Our cupboards were bare and the cats were hungry. $282 later.....Yikes. Everything is so expensive. Gas is going to be over $5/gallon by Monday.

By the time I got home with the groceries it was 1:30 and I was ravenous. I really didn't have a plan for lunch and this was not good. I ended up eating ANOTHER piece of pizza. I did choose the smallest one, okay? And then I ate two brown rice cakes with peanut butter and banana slices on top. I ate the rest of the banana too. Drank water. Took my Accelerator pill (cause by now it's 2pm). and then I have about a half hour of rest before I'm back out on the road again. This time taking my oldest daughter, Stephanie to her glee club practice. I forgot to refill my water bottle so I ran out of water on the way. Dropped her off then headed to visit my friend who had a Stampin' Up display at one of the hotels. Visited with her and helped her pack up her display. Then headed back to get Stephanie. I had a few IsaSnacks in my purse so munched on one of them somewhere during the afternoon.

Home by 6pm. Munched on some almonds (3) as I made my dinner shake. And then rested for about another hour before I made dinner for the family - brown rice, stir fry veggies and beef.  I hope I made enough for leftovers for me for lunch tomorrow. I know one of my problems tomorrow will be getting lunch before 2pm again. So I need to work on having a lunch plan the night before, something we really have gotten out of the habit of doing. And by having a plan of what I am going to eat it helps stop me from going for the convenient food. Which may not be so good for me.

And I didn't drink nearly enough water today. I left my big water bottle at my office and I didn't want to stop and get it. So I was using a smaller water bottle which I drank faster, and then didn't have a way to refill it when I needed to. Trying to catch up tonight but don't want to be awake all night peeing either!

Tomorrow is another day. And I'm officially 1/3 through the plan. I think the next 2/3 will be even better.


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