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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 23 thru 27

Confession time. I haven't been blogging daily! I have been starting to get behind for the past week and even the last few posts I posted two days in a row, changing the dates so they would match the actual days. Secret is out.

But when you procrastinate too much it is harder to recreate your daily existence. So instead this is how it has been going the past few days.

I've found myself a little more moody and draggy. Not as energetic as others claim to be on this program. Now admittedly I didn't purchase the vitamin supplements - Ageless Essentials - to start this cleanse. They are on my next order (which hopefully will arrive this week!). I have been taking a homeopathic thyroid supplement that has tons of B vitamins in it. I had hoped that would help give me energy.

Food wise, I think I've done pretty good. Except for the cookies. Okay. On Friday I made cookies for the kids. I used whole wheat flour, organic grain sweetened chocolate chips, cut the sugar down, and added oatmeal and bran. And I didn't eat nearly as many as I would  have in my pre-cleanse days. (meaning before starting this cleanse program). But I probably ate more than I should have anyway. Don't ask me how many. Over the past three days I know I ate at least three per day. And not all at once. All days I ate one cookie as part of my lunch meal. And on other days I know I ate one cookie as my snack.

Mostly I really try to make my entire days calorie consumption (excluding shakes and IsaSnacks) within that 400-600 range. I'm not being super fanatical, writing it all down and adding up the calories, but am estimating - reading labels, etc. I know that I run the risk of exceeding the calorie count by doing this. But I also know myself. I've already seen a little of it come out in this week's procrastination on blogging. I have a tendency to *quit* when too much pressure is put on me to be perfect. Writing down every bit of food that enters my mouth; calorie count; portion size; these are all going to drive me absolutely nuts and make me throw up my hands in despair. I will not ALLOW that to happen.

So I do things my way. Follow the system as much as I can. Exercise when I can (still working on that when there is no water aerobics). And be AWARE. I think that is the key. To be conscious and aware of foods and what is good for me. To research new healthy recipes and try to change what I buy from the grocery store. More home-made and less processed foods. Growing our own food (wish that part didn't take quite so long). Looking for healthier snack options for the kids. Drinking more water.

I've decided to make it a commitment to stick to the Isagenix program as long as I can. If I only lose 10 lbs a month on this program it will be worth it. I've proven over and over again that nothing else works for me. I will be 50 years old in less than 2 years. I want to enter the second half of my life as healthy as I can be.

So 30 days at a time. Over and over again until I reach the me I was meant to be.


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