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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 13

Another class day which means another long day. Up early to take daughter to work, and then home to make coffee for hubby and have my morning shake meal. Still enjoying drinking chocolate shakes everyday. I'm so glad they taste so great!

I wanted to prepare myself for a long day at work so gathered together salad ingredients, my chicken from the night before, my IsaSnacks and afternoon accelerator pill and packed it all up to take to work. I made Cassie a cracker/cheese/ham/pickle plate for her "breakfast" and had a few crackers and cheese for my morning snack, even though those items are NOT on the acceptable snack list. I only ate 3 crackers and cheese though. Considering in the past I would have easily eaten 10, I'm doing good.

I wasn't into being at work today. Mostly I wanted to nap. Again, I didn't get my morning exercise in so I'm sure that was part of it. I did find some herbal tea (caffeine free, organic) in my tea bag stash so sipped on that in the afternoon to keep my mind off the desire to run next door to the coffee shop and order myself a White Chocolate Mocha Frappe. Sigh. I miss my mocha frappes.

I indulged in an IsaDelight to try to help improve my mood. I feel fat and hopeless today like all that I do won't make a difference. In the doldrums I guess.

I did have a good class, so bills can be paid this week. Was home shortly after 9pm and thankfully family was all done eating dinner so I didn't have to watch them eat.

Tomorrow is another cleanse day, or "fast" day as I like to call them. Only liquids all day, no shakes. I need to keep myself distracted and busy. I did it last week. I know I can do it again.

Oh, had brown rice (1/2 cup), chicken and salad for lunch. I made way too much salad, so Cassie shared it with me. She didn't even complain that I only used Apple cider vinegar as the dressing.

Was a little short on my water consumption. But not by much.

I think I'm sleeping a little better than pre-Isagenix days. Hard to tell, but I don't think I wake up at night as much as I used to. I'm a very light sleeper so on average wake up 5-6 times a night. I only remember waking up maybe 3 times a night lately. So that's a good thing.

Almost two weeks have gone by now. Somehow I don't feel like I have lost as much weight this past week as I did in the first week. We shall see in two more days. I know according to the "plan" my next measuring day isn't until the very last day. But I plan on stepping on those scales Wednesday morning for an update and to help keep myself on track.


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