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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 14: Cleanse day #2

Today was a good day. I thought it was going to be hard as this week seems to have been more of a struggle than the first one. Too many temptations. Anyway, today I just vowed I was going to stick to the plan. Part of the plan was to keep busy. When I keep my mind and hands occupied it is easier not to think about food.

So, first I was surprised to discover my monthly "flow" had subsided enough that I could go to water aerobics and get some exercise. It's weird how it does that on the 3rd or 4th day. Seems to have stopped and then after I exercised I needed to use a pad again. So next two days are my light days. Pretty normal for me, though I did feel like yesterday I bled heavier than normal. Can't tell if it's the cleanse diet or my age. Though I have vowed not to go through the "M" word, or at least make it through symptom free. And I don't expect to get there for at least another 5 years. Hmmmm.....maybe Isagenix is the answer to my prayer on that subject. Will have to keep that thought in mind as I progress on this journey.

I spent most of today finally, FINALLY, cleaning out my "IN-box" that was stuffed full of receipts that needed to be entered and filed away. I can safely say it is completely empty and filed. And now my next job is cleaning up the files themselves! Time to pull out all the 2011 receipts for tax time. And make room for the 2012 ones. Bookkeeping is so time consuming. And today was only for the driving school! I still have to do the same for our dive shop.

By focusing on a task it kept me going much better. I also mixed up the Energy Drink included in my kit in one of my 32oz water bottles and drank that over the afternoon. I think it helped give me the focus and energy to make it through the day without feeling sick, or craving food.

It is now bedtime and I just enjoyed my 2nd Isa Delight for the day. My husband is asking me if I'm treating myself or what? I said, "It's allowed. Has these mood stabilizers or something in it. "
" 'bout time science came up with something worthwhile" was his response!
And I agree.


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