LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, February 17, 2012


As I begin to prepare myself for this journey, I'm reading through the intro pdf file that reccommends what I need to do before starting. Practical things like printing out the progress chart so that I can keep track of the foods/shakes/supplements to take and when to take them.

I've never been a routine type person. One reason I became an unschooler is because I balk at doing things the same way all the time. I like to live each day as an adventure and see what happens. However, I recognize that reality is, we do have to have routines in our lives in order to survive. I run a business that has to be opened at a certain time (though I can determine what that time is). I have appointments I must keep. So I must follow some sort of schedule.

So first thing I need to do is to develop a mindset that will allow me to follow the prescribed outline of eating and drinking and what I will eat and drink at what time. In reveiwing the daily plans I see that I'm allowed to eat/drink something several times a day. I think I counted 6 different "meals".

Today I want to talk about the snacks I'm allowed to eat. The accepted snack list is woefully small. It includes some proprietary foods from Isagenix. Little wafers and "candy" which you are only allowed to eat one at time. Granted they may not taste that lovely so maybe only eating one at a time will be all I will want! I've read some testimonials on these items. Some love them. Some choke them down and comment on strange textures. I pray I can tolerate them.

Then there are the real food snacks. Celery, hard boiled eggs, almonds, cucumbers. At least I enjoy all these foods. But. There is always a "but". Almonds are limited to 6 a day. And not all at one time either! And they are to be raw almonds. Not roasted and salted and full of awesome hickory flavor. Probably why you would only want to eat one at a time. LOL. I know my first stop on this journey will be to the health food store to look for raw almonds.

And I need to drink lots of water. Granted I have always known that water is good for you and that the average person does not drink enough water. I know I don't drink enough water in a day. Part of the reason is I really hate always having to interrupt what I am doing so that I can go to the bathroom! Drinking 8 glasses of water a day will guarantee me at least 8 trips to the bathroom per day. Maybe more. One thing I'll just have to suck up and live with. I'm sure it will make for healthier bladder and kidneys though. Which we all know need to be taken care of as we age.

Tomorrow I'll talk about the cleanse aspect of this all.


  1. Oh Colleen...I only wish that the IsaSnacks were supposed to be candy...that would be so nice. However, they are meant to serve a very specific purpose on your cleanse days...

    They may seem like nothing but they are like a mini shake and really really help keep your cravings at bay and your blood sugars level during your will learn to love them I promise! Also, I like to bite pieces off at a time and eat them with a big glass of water!

  2. Hey, all I can go by is what I read. LOL. until I get my products and see them all for myself. But thanks for the description. How big is it? Sounds almost like a protein bar.