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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Monday, February 20, 2012

Eating Healthy

My healthy lunch.

Straight from Jamaican Grill, one of our favorite restaurants on Guam. Jerk Chicken Chef's salad. Full of good veggies and fruit and grilled Jamaica jerk chicken breast. 

It is hard to eat healthy when you work. I do have a kitchen at my office with fridge and microwave and little hot plate to heat up foods on. But it still means making sure I have healthy foods there for me. Sometimes it is just easier to pick up lunch from a fast food place or local restaurant. 

Salads like this can take me up to an hour to eat. In fact, I've been nibbling on this one for 45 minutes now. 

I'm still waiting on my kit to arrive. Checked the mail this morning only to realize that it's closed for President's day. So no mail today. Hopefully tomorrow there will be something? I'm really trying to get myself motivated for this. Read a few more online Isagenix testimonials. Heard about some from local friends. A chiropractic friend in the states told me they recommend the cleanses for their patients. That is encouraging. 

I need to fill my water bottle and get drinking more water. I know that is one of the toughest things for me to discipline myself to do. Funny thing, I can go all day without drinking any water and not even realize it, or feel thirsty. But if we are OUT of bottled water (which happened last week) on those days all I think about is water and no matter how much I drink I'm never satisfied! What is it about lack of something that causes the desire for it?? 

Of course, we have plenty of water today and I'm not at all desirous of drinking any. Silly me. Better go do it anyway! 

Here's to healthy lunches and lots of water. Drink up!


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