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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 7: Cleanse Day

Well, I'm not sure what I expected from this day. I'm hungry. But I made it through. That breakfast shake is going to taste soo good tomorrow!

Couple of things I noticed today. At water aerobics I was lapping the old ladies. I just felt so good in the water and just moved. At the end of the day, while standing for 45 minutes grading student's tests, I realized I wasn't shifting from leg to leg like I usually do. I was able to stand still and test without having to redistribute my weight from leg to leg because they hurt. Which means they didn't hurt! I have had major issues on class nights with just being in such agony when I came home because my feet and legs ached so much. I even invested in an extra large bottle of Valerian to help me with this problem. But I actually felt fine. I wonder if this cleanse will actually help with my leg pain issues. Hmmm....will have to keep an eye on this and see.

Les told me my new hobby is peeing. I feel like it is. Instead of fighting it, I have just succumbed to the fact that I'll have to pee every hour, or sometimes twice in an hour. And keep on drinking that water! It is getting easier. One thing that helps with my bathroom trips is buying Stephen King's book, "Under The Dome", Nice thick novel that will keep my interest for a while. I'm half way through it. And it makes trips to my more enjoyable.

Now I really should head to bed and quit thinking about food. Note to self: Do not look at recipe sites on fast days. Stay away from Pinterest.

Oh, one final thing. Hubby and at least two kids have sniffles and flu like symptoms. I'm feeling just fine. Keep those toxic bugs out of me, Isagenix!


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