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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baking Day

I have been avoiding baking anything around here for the past two weeks because I personally don't want to eat baked goods, even though I crave snacks ALL the time it seems. But that is hardly fair to my kids. So I decided to pull out my one trusty "healthy" cook book: La Leche League's Whole Foods Cookbook.

Back when I had my first son, Kevin, I was determined to bring him up on healthy foods. So his first birthday cake was made from this cookbook - the Pumpkin Spice cake. Very delicious. My resolve to keep refined sugars away from my son lasted until Easter of his second year (since he was only 3 months old at his first Easter), when Grandma gave him a chocolate bunny. Kevin ended up being the kid who grew up on Mountain Dew and Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips! So much for healthy eating. Now he tells me he eats much healthier. I can only hope so.

Back to my snack baking. I started by making Rice Krispie Treats. Hardly healthy, I know, but it was something quick and easy I could make that used up some rather stale marshmallows in my fridge. And I personally will try to stay away from them.

From the La Leche cookbook I decided to make Peanut Butter Oatmeal bars. Honey was the sugar and only 1/2 cup of butter in the recipe. Oatmeal, whole wheat flour, peanut butter and an egg and some baking soda round out the rest of the ingredients. I did top it with peanut butter, milk and 1 cup of melted semi-sweet chocolate chips, cooked together into a type of icing.

Adam plans on making homemade granola bars sometime today.

So we should be set for snacks for this week.

Still waiting on my box to arrive in the mail. Sometimes living on a tropical island sucks. But then again, it is February 19ths and I'm dressed in a tank top and shorts and all my windows and doors are open downstairs, letting in the cool afternoon breeze from the jungle below.

And my friend is on her way over with her twin boys to play with my two kids. And we are going to talk about Isagenix! She wants to join me on my cleanse......exciting!


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