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Friday, April 20, 2012

Over that plateau

Finally broke that plateau and lost another pound or two. Officially down 16.4 lbs. I was trying to get past 15 lbs lost. Each step is such an accomplishment. When I see that number on the scale I want to do a little jig for joy.

I haven't been nearly as consistent with the "program" this week. Breakfast is easy. I love having a shake for breakfast. Prior to this, one of my favorite breakfasts was Carnation Instant Breakfast - chocolate flavored, of course. There were two days at least that I didn't get my lunch until well after 3pm. Not so good. I had various projects I was working on that kept me busy so not eating wasn't an issue. Until my stomach started to rumble and complain loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

I tried one more effort with the cleanse for life on Tuesday. I tried mixing one scoop in my  hot ionix drink. Made my hot apple cider taste more fruity, but it was palatable. Until I thought of mixing up another batch...then I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

However, good news is my next order just came in. It includes the Mars Venus cleanse drink - which is a daily cleanse drink. Promises to be lemon flavored but we shall see. I wonder how it would taste mixed in the morning shake? I also got the protein powder. I'm going to try to up my protein intake and see if that helps burn more fat. Supposedly that is what I'm told can happen. And I got the liquid cleanse for life to try. Just one bottle. If I make it through the bottle I'll order more.

Had an issue with my guts and am still unsure what is causing it. I did stop taking the Flush capsules as I didn't feel I needed any extra help. But then I was reading some of the ingredients in the flush and after 3 weeks of "issues" I thought I better try the flush again. Took one in the morning and at night for two days now and I think I'm better. So will continue that regime for this next week to see.

Next goal 20lbs total loss. Would love to report back next week with the good news......


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